Flower Support provides support for rose growers in branding, sales and marketing. The Flower Support group exists out of four selected rose growers from the Netherlands. Companies that bring a meaning to modern rose cultivation and that have a clear vision on the flower market.
Flower Support is representative of some of the biggest rose breeds and growers in the world that produce around 45 million roses every year. Within more than twenty years of horticulture experience Flower Support strives to be innovative by developing creative and tailor made concepts for its customers. The three main activities of Flower Support are featured below.

1. Branding

In consultation with export companies, wholesalers and florists across Europe, FlowerSupport developed their own Quality Management System (QMS) back in 2011. This system requires an strict business protocol focussed on the quality of the product and the needs of the wholesalers and florists. This way the quality of the roses is guaranteed and offers year round reliable roses to its customers. FlowerSupport strive to optimize product quality and aim to obtain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

2. Sales

FlowerSupport operates in business-to-business manner and is the general sales representative of some of the best rose growers from Holland. With a total surface of hundred fifty thousand square meters of rose cultivation that produce around 45 million roses each year. And serve floral happiness to people all over the world each day. 
By normal procedure the roses of the growers are sold at various auctions of Flora Holland.

We encourage exporters, wholesalers and florists to order directly from the greenhouse for fixed price agreements and tailor made requirements. Orders can be placed in advance to be guaranteed a price and quantities that the customer require. If you’re interested in buying roses from one of our growers feel free to contact FlowerSupport anytime. The buying agreements will go throughout the existing channels and the current export companies.

3. Trade Marketing

FlowerSupport develops customized marketing strategies focusing on the communication, corporate identity and the qualities of the rose grower. Beside the marketing strategies for the growers, FlowerSupport develops marketing concepts for the wholesalers and the florists in consultation with the concerned partner to boost the sales. If you’re interested in free marketing concepts or promotion materials for your wholesale of flower shop feel free to contact FlowerSupport anytime.