– Thé white Avalanche+ Rose specialist-

Bernhard Premium produces the extra large white rose named: Avalanche+. The Avalanche+ roses are characterized by an extreme large flower size, the pure white colour, fully opening and long vase-life. 

Bernhard Premium strives to deliver high quality roses. Automatic service equipment in the rose nursery guarantees a large flower size, thick stems and good balance between production and quality. Well-trained and highly motivated employees work by strict business protocols and individual employee results are transparent.

The Avalanche+ roses by Bernhard Premium are daily available, please inform your export partner / buyer for the possibilities.


– Specialized in creating large headed Red Roses –

Innovative, distinctive and sustainable, Brockhoff brings an unique cultivational approach which reflects on product values. The deeply rooted passion for cultivation is manifested each day, in every process, further reinforcing its position as one of the most desirable growers.

BROCKHOFF products represent the pinnacle of Dutch craftsmanship and are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail.

BROCKHOFF is one of the top rank growers of the red rose variety ”Red Naomi!”,  the velvet red color and shape makes Brockhoff Red Naomi! roses suitable for endless floral purposes. Many other great features such as; large amount of flower-petals, extreme large flower-size , excellent durability and subtle scent are also great benefits.


– Fragrance White Naomi! Roses-

Roseworld produces the extra large white rose named: White Naomi!. The White  Naomi! roses are characterized by an extreme large flower size, the flower fragrance, the large amount of flower petals, fully opening and long vase-life. 

Roseworld offers guaranteed quality, every single day. The objective of Roseworld is to produce the highest quality of White Naomi! roses. This is being achieved by hypermodern service equipment. There are three quality classifications; each classification has its own quality requirements. Every employee at Roseworld works by a strict business protocol. Due to this, quality can be managed and guaranteed to all of the customers.

The White Naomi! roses by Roseworld are daily available, please inform your export partner / buyer for the possibilities.

Voorn Sprayroses

– Thé sprayrose specialist from the Netherland-

VOORN Spray roses is The Netherlands’ spray rose specialist and the choice grower of top florists worldwide. The passion for spray roses, rooted in 1986 by family Voorn, has resulted in an exquisite selection of pristine spray roses, who’s quality is second to none. VOORN produces 6 million stunning spray roses yearly.

VOORN spray roses exude luxury and elegance with their subtle pastel hues. Our 19 varieties are highly sought after by leading bridal and event florists. VOORN spray roses are far from generic, they are chic, trend-setting and an absolute pleasure to work with. The romantic swirling centre, sweet scent, paired with large full blooms and overall impressive quality will not disappoint.